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Hanging lures and jigs with hook rigs from fishing rods allows them to become free swinging. This can be hazardous to the angler and also potentially damage the fishing rod/reel. To prevent this from happening we came up with the fishing lure holder that is an on the rod system securing hard body lures and metal jigs. The design incorporates a simple webbing and velcro system that also allows the angler to leave on the rod during use. With the holder always ready to go the jig or lure can be quickly detached and attached between fishing spots. There is a holder designed for large poppers, stick baits, hard body lures and metal jigs from 14g to over 500g sizes.  Made strong, the lure and jig holder is an essential item for any angler who loves fishing with lures and jigs.

  • Accepts large range of lure and jig sizes
  • Multi pack options
  • Marine grade materials
  • Heavy duty webbing and Velcro

Lure Holders

Lure Holder Single Pack - Code: LH1

Lure Holder Twin Pack - Code: LH2

Jig Holders

Jig Holder Twin pack - Code: JH1

Jig Holder Twin pack - Code: JH2

Combo Pack

Lure and Jig Holder pack - Code: LJH

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